We Are True

from by leMeow



He said, "Hey Girl,
You better ease your worried mind.
'Cause I am yours and you are mine.
and we have all our lives
you know we are true."

She said, "I know Boy,
When I look into your eyes
I see myself on the other side
Sitting lightly on your mind
I know we are true.”

so uhh, uhh
We'll see it through
Because we always do
and uhh, uhh
when I'm with you
There's no doubt we are true.

She said, “Hey Boy,
Whoever said that love is blind?
It has been such little time.
But we're doing just fine
you know we are true.”

He said, “I know Girl,
I have searched the worldwide
and couldn't find a smoother ride
I couldn't leave you if I tried.
I know we are true."


from York St, released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved



Soul-infused indie pop smothered in sass.


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