Mr. Caulfield

from by leMeow



Free at last in the great big city
On the train, they won’t catch me now
And I won’t stay where the fools are plenty
No, I won’t miss them at all
No, they won’t miss me at all

Why, when I try to plain unwind
Do I get a certain kind
Of aching loneliness
No, I can’t get over this

Every friend that I have’s a phony
And any phony’s no friend of mine
and every girl makes me feel so lonely
No, they have no sense at all
No, they don’t get me at all

You know, just because you have it made
Doesn’t mean you won’t need aid
When you live in a lonely world
When you live in a phony world

And there is just one place that I long to be
And there is just one face that I long to see
And there is just one game that still appeals to me
I’ll play the catcher in the rye


from York St, released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved



Soul-infused indie pop smothered in sass.


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