I Got You

from by leMeow



I don’t want a big house
I don’t want a ring
I don’t want a good job
To bring me better things

I don’t want no diamonds
Don’t need no damn TV
I don’t want a fast car
That drives you away from me

I got you in the pit of my heart
I got you in the place where it’s dark
I got you where no one else will go
I got you in the wind and the snow

I don’t want a mink coat
Don’t need no plot of land
I don’t want a sail boat
I hope you understand

I don’t wanna travel
Unless you’re by side
I don’t want no tour guide
To take me for a ride

Making love is easy
When love is on your side
Love ain’t always breezy
But I’m here for the ride


from York St, released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved



Soul-infused indie pop smothered in sass.


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