Evening Blues

from by leMeow



When evening blues call for morning showers
I won’t stay in bed
I’d rather weather the storm
Than stay at home and mourn
My decreased chances of you

A wise man said the past’s a lonely spot
So I won’t go there no more
I got a new forecast
That says the sun will last
In spite of decreased chances of you

My skin thins at the thought of you
Every drop like a shard of glass
But I’m tired of waiting around
Until the storm calms down
To give myself to you

If I’ve known you a day
Then I’ve known you forever
Through ages of ice and sun
But when the cold meets hot
A quiet day, it’s not
Electric fantasies rule

If there’s one thing I know
You can’t depend on the weather
The climate is never right
But if you want me to stay
To come outside and play
You’d better make me your constant ideal


from York St, released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved



Soul-infused indie pop smothered in sass.


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